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Golfo de San Miguel

We bailed out of Pinas at 3am in order to make headway to a remote area known as the Darien. This is a deep systems of rivers and mangroves where mostly indigenous people live and I'm talking dugout canoes palm frond hut kind of places.

However while underway our buddies on Nakia had their engine go a little wacko on them. So rather than travel deep into the jungle rivers (which involves a lot of motoring) we are going to work our way to Panama City. This works out ok despite the change of plans. Our boat's batteries are totally shot. In fact back in Ecuador we had to give up our nice large 6V batteries because they had totally failed. I found a guy there in town who sold me a large (well used) 12V battery for $20. This $20 battery has held up, but we have to run the engine quite a bit because it doesn't have much capacity. And waiting there in Panama City is a nice pair of even bigger 6V batteries waiting for us. We can't wait to have real power back on board the boat and we can quite our extreme conservation measures.

Also we are running out of food. We were unable to resupply in Solano. Rice and beans anyone?

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