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Gorgona gougers and Ensenada Utria

I forgot to mention our snafu that occured at Isla Gorgona. So let me back up a bit. Imagine our shock finding out the hotel decided the price we negotiated was not valid. Instead they wanted the commercial rate, which is 10x more. Conveniently the guy who agreed to our buoy price couldn't be found anywhere and the manager disavowed all knowledge of the agreement even though he was sitting right there the whole time. We wondered if something was up because we tried to pay for our buoy 3 times and each time we got a vague story from the guy about the system wasn't ready for our payment and to try tomorrow. It was quite a fiasco. We argued down the rate to something we could actually pay, and then left.

Anyway, after Bahia Coqui we arrived in a paradise called Ensenada Utria. It's a national park in a deep fjord-like cove where the water is flat calm. There are miles of jungle and mangroves. I dove on a sunken boat and found large schools of fish and there is even a spattering of coral around. The people here are really nice and have brought us coconuts, papayas and platanos.

Today we had our first real rain and the boat is finally getting some of that Ecuador Dirt off the sails and rigging. We will be departing for Panama shortly. The northerly winds will be starting soon so we need to get north before that happens!

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