“Damn! I kicked poor Jordan again. She's so hard to see in the dark.”

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Bahia Dulce how sweet it is.

The charts of Mexican waters are so poor that you shouldn't ever try to make landfall in the dark. And since leaving Acapulco we had very little wind and were tired of motoring. Our only choices for making the next anchorage before dark were to slow to 2.5 knots or speed up to 5.5 knots. Neither of those ideas seemed attractive. So we decided to try a spot that Sherrell had noticed on the charts called Bahia Dulce. The chart was pretty sketchy and no guides had mentioned it, but we thought we'd tool around and see if there's a place to anchor out of the swell.

Bahia Dulce (Sweet Bay) is surrounded by beautiful beaches and it's nice and quite. Ourselves and Willow found a spot in about 35 feet to anchor and the holding was good. Then we all ate some food and crashed for a few hours. Now that we're settling in for lunch we're debating staying or going.

And here's a first! I had a Boobie bird land on my head while I was tying up the mainsail! We were both equally shocked and he lept to the mainsail and stood there looking at me like I was guiltly of messing up his perfect landing. So he rode with us for about 45 minutes and endured several attacks by Jordan. We went below and that's when the party started. It's amazing how much crap one little bird can make. No problem, it just washes off, but it was funny watching Jordan stalk the bird because she was a little afraid of the feathery monster. Anyway the boobie is still hanging out on our boat, so maybe we'll have to add him to the crew.

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