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Arrived Zihuatanejo

Posted on Thursday Dec 21, 2006

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Talk about a slog. We did the 200 mile leg from Santiago to Zihuatanejo in about 45 hours. It was almost impossible to sail because when the wind was blowing the tacking angles were terrible for laying Zihuat, so we motored through 15 knots of SE headwind pounding for about 60 of the 200 miles. The rest of the time there was no wind at all.

We also got boarded by the Mexican Armada. However the waters were so rough they aborted the effort. They were kind enough not to bang a hole in our boat with their steel runabout or injure one of the sailors in attempting to board us. One of the guys on their boat actually was encouraging them to jump. It was grim. Fortunately they opted to just shout out questions. They were out in force trying to they were out in force and tried to board just about every boat that went by.

At least we've caught up with the rest of our buddies so maybe we'll get a chance to spend some time together and have some fun before moving on again!