“Make the ocean stop! I would kill for 3 hours of sleep.”

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Posted on Thursday Nov 30, 2006

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This leg would best be described as a 22 hour wild ride. We had winds from 20-25 knots most of the way and with a double reefed main and about 1/4 of the genoa out we surfed and rolled our way down the coast at 5 to 6 knots. The waves were pretty big, but nothing was coming on board the boat so it was a dry ride.

Our main reason for spending the day here is the snorkeling in Chamela is fantastic. In fact the first thing I saw when I dove down to the rocks was a 4 foot long eel just sitting there looking at me. There's coral, lots of fish and the visibility is about 15 feet.

We arrived at 8:30 am, slept until 2pm and now we are getting ready to depart to Barra in the morning where we'll meet Sherrell's mom. I wish my underwater camera's battery was working, if it was I might try to squeeze in another day here.

By the way the google map you're seeing at the top of this page is much more accurate than our nautical charts, which show us anchored about 1 mile inside land.

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