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Day 3 - Broken shaft

Posted on Thursday Apr 17, 2008

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The seas calmed down finally dropping to 1-3 feet so Ron could dive on his boat and look at what happened to his prop. Turns out the whole shaft is broken off. What a bummer. No slapping on the backup prop there.

So we have taking over the "Open Ocean Sea Tug" title. We started towing them this morning and we are only able to make about 3knts and we are about 25-30 degrees off course because of the strong 2knot WSW current trying to drive us to the Galapagos. We remain hopeful that once we near the coast we will get a break in the current, otherwise we'll be in for a long long long slog at about 1 knot or less for days.

I think our cats want to kill us. Shh...here comes one now. sdnmtr ko,.fkl

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