“How does the wind know to always stay on our bow?”

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Day 6 - Crossing the Equator

We had about 24 hours of calm weather allowing all of us to catch up on some lost sleep. And after 3 1/2 solid days of towing Batwing 250 miles, Leonidas took over this morning. So for the first time in about 72 hours we were able to shut of the engine and sail along side them. We're beating into a SW wind at about 2.3 knots and have about 40 miles to go. We think this wind is land generated and we can actually see the land again!

In about 8 miles we'll be crossing the Equator, which isn't really that significant but traditionally it's a big deal. We brought some Champaign for the occasion, but it's a bit bouncy for a party. Perhaps it will settle down tonight and allow us to make better headway down the coast. We might be able to make it into Bahia Ecuador in time to catch the high tide at 4:30pm into the entrance. Sleep!

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