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Photos From Crossing

Posted on Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

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Sarana sailing upwind to Ecuador, before the breakdown. We had two very fast days at the start of the passage. Just checkout the sunset and our pretty boat about 200 miles offshore.

Here we are towing 12 ton Batwing upwind (as seen from Batwing). This was one of the calmer days when the seas weren't too bouncy.

On this day we transfered our tow to Leonidas. We had 400' of floating line that we would spool out behind us with a float (you can see the float). Leonidas would approach the float, snag the line and then tie off the tow. Then we would begin the slow process of rewinding about 300-350' of rope. This was made a lot easier by the flat seas that allowed us to sleep a little better and improved our spirits around Day 5. We also had do to a similar techique to pass fuel to Leonidas (in the dark!).