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Goodbye Sherrell! Hello Kidney Stone!

Posted on Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

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Sherrell's off to Seattle today to help her mom. It's 33F in Seattle right now, thats 42 degrees cooler than Puntarenas right now. Burrr. Poor Sherrell. The cats and I already miss her.

As a parting gift I presented her with another problem: a 6mm kidney stone. I can't believe I already have another one. There must be a record for this kind of thing, but it's barely been 1 month since the last 5mm stone. No one watches their diet closer than I do, so I am going to work with a Urologist in San Jose this week to start searching for a medication that might help me. Right now we suspect it might have something to do with the high mineral content of the water, even though I drink only purified water. Here it is:

The only good thing is it the stone is only 31mm from the bladder. Once it enters the bladder there's no more pain and it passes without a problem. The last stone took about 6 weeks to get to this point and this one arrived in 12 hours. Hopefully in a week or so it will be gone.

The real scary thing is if we can't find a solution to this problem it will destroy our cruising plans because its too dangerous to be more than a day's help from medical attention. We turned out to be quite lucky that we pushed on to puntarenas before Sherrell's departure, so if I need to leave the boat for medical help it won't be abandonded in an anchorage somewhere.