“I'm sure that squall will die out before it gets here.”

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Zihuat Madness

Posted on Saturday Jan 6, 2007

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Here's a slice of night life from Zihuatanejo at New Year's Eve in "La Jungle". I'm holding the white cup and a couple heads to the left you'll see Sherrell. I think the photo says more than I can.

Trying to lift anchor

Posted on Saturday Jan 6, 2007

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Sometimes the anchor seems to have an unnatural hold on the sea floor.  We’ve had the desire to leave for a while now, but we just can’t seem to get going.  There has been family problems with two groups of friends here that’s made us a bit melancholy and we’re waiting to see how things turn out.


Not that we aren’t enjoying Zihuatanejo.  There is a lot to do here and having lots of friends around make it even more fun.  But we’re anxious to spend some time in the Bay of Huatulco before going to Central America before the rainy season starts to kick in.  And that’s the thing about having a moving house; it is fun to move it.


So in a day or two I expect we will finally free the anchor from it’s muddy home and get going.  We’ll head for Acapulco to check it out and then to Puerto Escondido and after seeing the famous surf there we’ll go on to Bahias de Huatulco.