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La Paz

Posted on Tuesday Apr 26, 2005

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This is a nice town with 4 (four!) marine stores.  There’s a great vegetarian restaurant and the weather here is much dryer than on the mainland.  We got up to 94F the other day and didn’t even really notice it.  Pretty hot considering it’s only April!  We’ve been checking into places to provision and making preparations for Sherrell’s mom’s visit.  It’s amazing how much time all these things take to get setup. 


There’s a ton of gringos here, which strongly influences everything.  It’s like a mini San Diego.  For the first time we were able to find Kalamata Olives and Dr. Pepper!  There’s also a lot of damage from hurricane Marty in 2003.  From our anchorage, we can see no less than 3 masts still sticking up out of the water and the docks and yards are full of boats that are severely battered.  Lots of them have been gutted and abandoned.  A sad reminder that the hurricane season is approaching so we’ll have to head north soon to get out of the storm tracks.