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Estanque stinks!

Posted on Monday Sep 19, 2005

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What happens when you anchor near an island and a beach where lots of birds roost? Guano happens! And Estanque (?¢â??¬???ess-STAHN-kay?¢â??¬) stunk. What?¢â??¬â??¢s worse is the little noseeum bugs who live off the birds, attacked us with a vengeance that is unbelievable. The rocks on the beach were its redeeming quality. They were tumbled round and shiny by the years of waves and the colors ran the full rainbow.

But the bugs, and the call of ice cold margaritas forced us out of the anchorage a day later. The hurricane ?¢â??¬???Max?¢â??¬ increased the humidity to about 80% and we felt like we were in a sauna, so after a week of so of warm drinks, we longed for the bar in town. Max is behaving himself and heading out to sea right now, but he brought a sudden change in our weather. We were just starting to cool off as September wound down when Max came along and screwed all that up. Hopefully Max continues his current path and the new one brewing off Acapulco goes west out to sea as well.