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This page is an overview of random stories some short and some long. They are usually filled with photos, shocking surprises, intrigue and ironic endings. Ok, well at least there are photos.

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North To Alaska

Tuesday Oct 1, 2002

Words (262)

130 Days! Going North 44 Stops! Going South Only 8 stops in the same place! This makes for a mini-book or an eight part, 160 page narration with almost 200 color photographs. Oh, and a few video clips.

1--SEATTLE to SHEARWATER: This is the start of our trip. It covers Alert Bay, Cape Caution, Eucott Bay (personal favorite), and Shearwater among others. The more common areas closer to Seattle aren't discussed.

2--SHEARWATER to KETCHIKAN: Heading North as fast as we can go! See some of the sights along the way, including Grenville Channel, Prince Rupert, and our first Bear Sighting.

3--KETCHIKAN to PETERSBURG: Some of the worlds most pristine forests are in the Tongass National Forests of Alaska. Check out Punchbowl Cove, Punchbowl Lake, Bears, Zimovia Strait, and Wrangle Narrows!

4--PETERSBURG to JUNEAU: Icebergs in Tracy Arm, whales, and other incredible sights are found in Part 4, but don't believe me, go see them for yourself.

5--CHATHAM STRAIT to PRINCE RUPERT: Heading back south we visit the impressive Baranof Island and some of the fantastic anchorages along the way. Our personal favorite was Red Bluff Bay!

6--PRINCE RUPERT to SHEARWATER (via outer passage): On this leg we take a route that is less used, but full of wildlife like wolves, porpoise, and even a mountain lion! We also visit Roscoe Inlet a fantastic fjord that rivals Tracy Arm.

7--SHEARWATER to TELEGRAPH COVE: Back around Cape Caution finds us among sea otters and orcas! Check out some of the sights from Pruth Bay, Goose Bay, Turnbull Cove, and Telegraph Harbor.

8--TELEGRAPH COVE to NANAIMO: Orcas! The amazing critters in Johnstone Strait. Also read about foolishly hitting the rapids at 11 and 12 knots!

Video: Porpoise Swimming off the bow of Sarana

Video: Another Porpoise Clip!

Video: Check out the Mendenhall Glacier clip from Juneau!