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Sarana--Extreme Makeover

Posted on Tuesday Feb 7, 2012

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Sometimes I hate having a boat and sometimes I love it. This is one of the hate times. We have spent months working on some long neglected cosmetic work. But things are looking up as we get closer to the end. After finishing a grueling project like this the love comes back quickly.

I don't have any photos from the galley reconstruction because I lost my camera with all the photos. The only shot is the one my sister tried to take. If you look inside you can see the galley sink and counter tops are missing.

However after about 3 months of rebuilding the galley was ready to varnish.

As I mentioned in our previous post, we developed a secret recipe for removing old teak oil. In the area above the galley you can see the markings of our various experiments with letters to represent the mixtures. These were all applied with one application and then wiped off. You can see the dramatic difference.

Naturally the Navigation Station needed to be varnished too:

As well as the full interior which looks like a construction zone!

But as you can see the galley turned out nice. (In this photo you can see we haven't done the upper walls yet. They still need to be cleaned, prepped and varnished).

And so did the Nav Station

And we had to do the rest of the boat in sections. Here's some various BEFORE shots:

(the spots you see in the above photo was from dust on the lens not in the varnish!)

And the nice AFTER shots:

We still have a long list of things to finish: refinish the floors, paint the upper walls with a brighter paint over the varnish, refinish the outside teak (in progress now), and paint the cap rails. Oh, then we have to switch back to the non-cosmetic work that needs to be done! It never ends until you just decided to quit.