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Mexican Pipeline

Posted on Monday Jan 22, 2007

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World famous (to surfers at least) Puerto Escondido where the Mexican Pipeline has a huge following and surfers come to strut their stuff in hopes of getting sponsors. The wave here really thumps hard, really hard. We're going to check it out from the beach because I don't think I really want to hurt myself that badly. Not to mention there's a ton of other surfers here who probably aren't as friendly as the surfers I'm used to.

The town is a funky little tourist spot and the anchorage is super deep. We were forced to anchor not far from the breaking waves on the beach because everywhere else the depth was 100+ feet. There's lots of surf shops here where I can finally buy some more wax and if you want us to pick you up some tacky gifts, let us know they abound by the truck loads here.

Although we aren`t anchored by the main surf beach, you can see from the photo how close we were to the shore just to find a spot that was 100+ feet deep.

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