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New News is Good News

Posted on Saturday Jul 29, 2006

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Sherrell’s feeling much better after seeking some natural remedies to eliminate the hematoma and scar tissue.  In the process we discovered some small stitches that were left behind from when Sherrell removed her own stitches.  We cleaned and flushed everything and the swelling is way down and the redness is almost gone.


The seasonal rains in Mazatlan were a little late this year, but they came in with a bang!  We had night where it POURED.  The streets were flooded and there was water everywhere.  The air was so crystal clear, Sherrell thought she spotted Hawaii!


Our rescued Orange cat we took to the vets had a litter of 5 kittens.  Five!  Now we are going to get her fixed (and her kittens) to re-release them.  It’s a small thing, but we’re doing what we can to help out.  By the way, the black cat we rescued is fully healed and ready to be adopted!  Any good homes out there?