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What have we become?

Posted on Friday Jun 30, 2006

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So you might be wondering why we have hooked up an air conditioner. I know we both are, but the reality of being stuck in the hot marina, with little wind and lots of humidity has driven us to it. Ok that, and someone loaned us one for the summer.

We justify it by saying Sherrell really needs the dry air to heal. And it has made a tremendous difference in how fast her skin is closing up. One day of AC has done more for her than a week of just resting in the humidity. She's almost closed back up.

In a weird sort of way, we prided ourselves as being the only ones without AC, but now we're looking at how to insulate around it with some foam we found. What a switch. Anyway, just to record this strange turning point in our lives in hopes that we haven't turned soft. I took a picture of it in the companion way when I first pluged it in and packed some towels and stuff around it to test it.