“Huh. I didn't know water spouts can be so massive. I'm sure it will miss us.”

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Bday & Caraquez

Posted on Sunday May 11, 2008

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Yesterday we had a great party for my Birthday and I managed to milk it for what it was worth. Everyone brought a vegetarian or vegan dish and we tried to stretch 2 cakes to feed 30 people!

Caraquez is an interesting place with places to hike and great people. Some friends let us borrow their bicycles and we?¢â??¬â??¢ve finally been getting some regular exercise. The veggie market here is pretty amazing. They have really good quality stuff and it?¢â??¬â??¢s hard to shop for a week and break $10.

Here's a shot of our friend Ryan and his crew on Sonrisa coming into the narrow entrance channel that is close to the breaking surf. We took this photo from the beach.