“It started off as a nice anchorage...but the ocean changed its mind.”

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Posted on Saturday Apr 30, 2005

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We've seen belly dancing, been to the dentist and took the cat to the
vet. It's like we've moved here. I think this town has the same problem
as Mazatlan - it's hard to leave.

Fortunately, we saw an environmental presentation downtown the other
night about the schools of whale sharks that give birth in an area north
of here that was just amazing, so that's got us motivated to keep
moving. Apparently this is one of the few places in the world where
whale sharks give birth (they travel 5000+ miles) and the government
wants to build a massive resort and golf course right in the area where
they calf. Perfect, isn't it?

We finished patching our inflatable dinghy -- one that we pulled from
the trash and put about 19 patches on. Actually, it's not as bad as it
sounds, it cleaned up nicely and it's a big dinghy. It will be perfect
for snorkeling and carrying more than 2 people. It folds up pretty
small, and you can't beat free. We'll probably inflate it tomorrow and
see if we got the last of all the little leaks.

Oh, we also met another Mariah 31 owner who is ordering sails from our
sail maker in Port Townsend. She was encouraging the Mariah owner to
contact us (not knowing we where in Mexico) when he was looking out in
the bay and saw us anchored there. It's a small world when it comes to