This is an experimental translation of Short Term French Polynesian Weather forecasts. Words in UPPER CASE are original French. Words in lower case are all translated.

You can find the original text here: http://www.meteo.pf/previsions.php?carte=ce

forecasts established by/through weather-france the tuesday 14 august 2018 to 15H30 local 

forecasts by/through archipelago/archipelagic valid until thursday 16 august 2018 to evening


VIGILANCE METEOROLOGIQUE current/during : yellow for the wind violent on the area : RAPA

islands underneath the wind :

wednesday and thursday, clouds and showers pull(camp) on the coasts south while that somewhere else the cloudy dominate/dominated by/predominate.

wednesday, wind from south-east moderated.

sea slight at/in moderate. no swell meaningful.


tuesday evening until wednesday evening, of passages showers are expected from relief to coasts south before from become blurred at night. elsewhere, the cloudy RÉSISTENT enough good. thursday, time sunny predominate. temperatures extreme/extremes/end planned : 22 and 30 DEGRÉS celsius.

wednesday, the wind moves to south-east low at/in moderated.

sea slight at/in moderate. no swell meaningful.


persistence/continuing/persistent of time sunny until thursday.

wind easterly at/in east-south-east moderated. tips at/in 50 km/hr wednesday.

sea moderate. swell long from south D'1 meter.


wednesday, time very cloudy from ANAA at/in HAO until north of GAMBIER. elsewhere, time sunny predominate. thursday, the area disturbed go back up(raise) towards the regions from RANGIROA and from MAKEMO until MARUTEA south.elsewhere, from good conditions dominant.

wednesday, wind low at/in moderated from north at/in north-east knew/sut all the north from archipelago. it if oriented to north-west on the center and the east TUAMOTU. it east from south-east moderated at/in locally enough fort on the south-east TUAMOTU-GAMBIER. thursday, change from wind on the center and the east TUAMOTU, veering to sector south-east.

sea slight at/in moderate on the TUAMOTU, locally rough wednesday on the south-east TUAMOTU-GAMBIER. wednesday, arrival a swell short from south-west increasing until 2 meters 50 on the south-east TUAMOTU-GAMBIER.


time sunny on archipelago the two days. however, related passages cloudy are expected on RAPA thursday.

towards the north AUSTRALES, wind variable low. towards RAPA, wind from sector west enough fort with of gusts until 80 km/hr. the wind weakened EN veering to south-west moderated wednesday, then to sector west thursday.

sea slight to north, moderated at/in rough towards RAPA. swell from south-west D'1 meter at/in 1 meter 50.

COMPLEMENT for the PECHE and the navigation/navigational from PLAISANCE in the TRIANGLE TAHITI MAUPITI MANIHI :

it not to not opinion from wind fort current/during nor planned. on the area, wind easterly at/in  south-east wednesday 05/10 nodes/node/knots. sea slight at/in moderate. swell from south from less D'1 meter wednesday and thursday.

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