This is an experimental translation of Short Term French Polynesian Weather forecasts. Words in UPPER CASE are original French. Words in lower case are all translated.

You can find the original text here: http://www.meteo.pf/previsions.php?carte=ce

forecasts established by/through weather-france the thursday 01 june 2023 to 15H15 local
 forecasts by/through archipelago/archipelagic valid until saturday 03 june 2023 to evening
weather report islands underneath the wind
 friday, freshness night- and days sunny remain to program from this end from week. saturday, related clouds low can go back up DISCRÈTEMENT by/through the south of he is.
 wind low at/in moderated from south friday, coming to south-east low saturday.
 sea moderate. swell from sector south 2 meters 50/3 meters dispersing to around from 2 meters friday then 1 meter 50 saturday.
weather report TAHITI and MOOREA
 friday, the sun predominates widely. saturday, after a morning good sunny, related clouds harmless/safe/innocuous are coming interest the coast(rib) south from TAHITI, from PAPARA at/in the peninsula. temperatures extreme/extremes/end planned : 21 and 28 degrees/degree/levels celsius.
 wind low at/in moderated from sector south friday. accerleration coastal at/in 50/60 km/hr in the channel/fairway between/among TAHITI and MOOREA.
 sea moderate. swell from sector south 2 meters 50/3 meters dispersing to around from 2 meters friday then 1 meter 50 saturday.
weather report MARQUISES
 from friday at/in saturday, a time dry and sunny predominates, with related clouds low carried(worn) by/through tradewind.
 wind moderated easterly at/in east-south-east. gusts at/in 50 km/hr EN day SE CALMANT the night.
 sea moderate. swell long from sector south D'1 meter 50 wednesday and D'1 meter thursday.
weather report TUAMOTU and GAMBIER
 a axis cloudy sharing archipelago of TUAMOTU EN two, from north-west to south-east. with a share, of showers or a or two squalls isolated between/among AHE, MANIHI, TAKAROA and TAKAPOTO. else share, the activity CONVECTIVE east again possible for the end from day near from TATAKOTO, REAO, PUKARUA and MARUTEA south before that one lull long-lasting(sustainable) SE draw friday after-mid. from share else from this axis, the conditions remain clement with smooth periods sunny all to more finely/fine veiled.
 on the half east, wind west at/in north-west moderated with gusts at/in 60/70 km/hr easing friday and saturday EN coming to sector west moderated. on the half west, wind low at/in moderated from south-west low coming to south-east low friday and saturday.
 sea rough on the south-east TUAMOTU-GAMBIER and moderate elsewhere. on the south TUAMOTU-GAMBIER, swell from sector south 2 meters 50/3 meters dispersing at/in 2 meters friday then 1 meter 50 saturday. elsewhere, swell from south at/in south-west between/among 1 meter 50 at/in 2 meters.
weather report AUSTRALES
 on the he is from north, sky temporarily cloudy friday, locally cloudy between/among TUBUAI and RAIVAVAE saturday. these last can SE DÉLESTER from related drops. friday and saturday, a time good sunny predominates on the area from RAPA.
 wind generally becoming to sector west at/in west-south-west moderated with of tips at/in RAPA at/in 60/70 km/hr friday, easing for the day from saturday.
 sea rough becoming moderate. swell from south and sea from wind confused following of trough 2 MÈTRES/2 meters 50 to north and 3 meters at/in RAPA thursday and friday.
 COMPLEMENT for the peach(fishing,sin) and the navigation/navigational from sailing in the triangle/triangular/delta TAHITI MAUPITI MANIHI
 it not to not opinion from winds strengths current/during nor planned. towards MANIHI, wind 10 knots west coming to south-east 10 knots. on the society/company/corporation, wind from south 10 knots. sea moderate. swell from sector south to around from 2 meters friday on the society/company/corporation, 1 meter 50 at/in 2 meters towards MANIHI.


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