This is an experimental translation of Long Range French Polynesian Weather forecasts. Words in UPPER CASE are original French. Words in lower case are all translated.

You can find the original text here: http://www.meteo.pf/previsions.php?carte=me

forecasts established by/through weather-france the tuesday 14 august 2018 to 15H30 local

forecasts at/in average deadline valid from friday 17 august to sunday 19 august 2018


the sun reign EN master(teacher) from friday at/in sunday.

wind moderated from sector east.

sea moderate. no swell meaningful.

islands underneath the wind :

from friday at/in sunday, a time sunny predominates.

wind low at/in moderated easterly, easing sunday EN coming to sector north.

sea slight becoming smooth sunday. gentle (f3) swell from south-west approximately 1 meter this week-end.


the sun east on the in front of from the scene from friday at/in sunday. however, related passages cloudy can let go/drop/release a or two showers on the relief and the coastline/coast/coastal to wind sunday.

wind low easterly coming to sector north sunday.

sea smooth at/in slight. gentle (f3) swell from south-west approximately 1 meter this week-end.


from friday at/in sunday, a time sunny predominates on the two archipelagos/archipelagic/archipelagoes. however, a band cloud stretches of regions from TAKAROA until towards PUKA-PUKA EN resulting from rare showers. the clouds overflow sometimes sunday towards RANGIROA, MATAIVA or again ANAA.

to TUAMOTU, wind easterly-south-east at/in south-east low at/in moderated coming at/in the east saturday, then to north-east at/in north sunday. towards the south TUAMOTU and the GAMBIER, wind low from south dominant friday, then from direction variable saturday, becoming to north sunday.

sea smooth at/in slight. no swell meaningful. 


friday and saturday, a time sunny and dry persists, the sky being little at/in temporarily cloudy, or veiled. sunday, the sky SE charge, a time PERTURBÉ interested archipelago with to menu of showers sometimes together from squalls.

to north, wind variable low becoming saturday to sector east. sunday, wind moderated at/in enough fort from north then north-west with of gusts at/in 70/80 km/hr underneath the squalls. to RAPA, wind low from sector west veering saturday to south-east and strengthening sunday.

sea slight at/in moderate. swell from south from less D'1 meter. new swell from south-west D'1 meter at/in 1 meter 50 arriving saturday.

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