This is an experimental translation of Long Range French Polynesian Weather forecasts. Words in UPPER CASE are original French. Words in lower case are all translated.

You can find the original text here: http://www.meteo.pf/previsions.php?carte=me

forecasts established by/through weather-france the wednesday 21 february 2018 to 15H15 local

forecasts at/in average deadline valid from saturday 24 february to monday 26 february 2018


the sun east rather MAJORITAIRE from saturday at/in monday, but of passages from clouds low VONT all from even SE FAIRE on the 3 days, SPÉCIALEMENT on the group south. from small showers are possible.

wind moderated from sector east.

sea moderate. swell long from sector north D' 1 meter.

islands underneath the wind :

 days sunny from saturday at/in monday. related AMAS cloudy ACCROCHENT despite all the summits of he is HAUTES  at/in the mid-day.

wind moderated from sector east.

sea slight at/in moderate. gentle (f3) swell from south-west. arrival sunday a swell long from north-west from less D' 1 meter.


the blue from sky dominated from saturday at/in monday. however the coasts south and the peninsula receive the visit from related cumulus sometimes holders showers.

wind moderated from sector east at/in east-south-east.

sea slight at/in moderate. gentle (f3) swell from south-west. arrival sunday a swell long from north-west from less D' 1 meter.


the sun east this on the ARCHIPELS of TUAMOTU and GAMBIER from saturday at/in monday. of AMAS DÉRIVENT with the ALIZÉS leaving TOMBER related drops ÇA and the. of clouds high if invite monday on the south-east TUAMOTU and the GAMBIER.

on the south-east TUAMOTU, wind low from sector south-east. to GAMBIER, it east variable low. on the rest of TUAMOTU, it east low at/in moderated from sector east lasting the 3 days.

sea slight at/in moderate. swell long from south-south-west D' 1 MÈTRE/1 meter 50 to south and less D' 1 meter elsewhere. she east cross to north by/through a swell long from north approximately 1 meter.


temporarily cloudy on archipelago saturday. sunday, the clouds take more from PLACE from TUBUAI at/in RAIVAVAE until RAPA with related showers EN PRIME. monday, a veiled altitude COUVRE archipelago.

to north, wind low at/in moderated from sector east-south-east coming to south-east sunday.  to RAPA, wind  low from south-west veering to south-east moderated monday.

sea slight. swell long from sector south-west  D' 1 meter to north and 1 MÈTRE/1 meter 50 towards RAPA.

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